Small changes can have tremendous impact.
Look up.

-Becoming more confident, interactive, attentive and directed includes attention to
our thoughts, feelings and behaviours, including our eyes.
Enhance your vision of yourself.

Negative habits and reactive patterns arise when we experience different problems in living, including:

– Stress                 – Depression
– Anger                  – Anxiety
– Addiction             – Relationship difficulties
– Eating disturbances and body image concerns

My therapeutic approach may be characterized as Humanistic-Behavioural-Cognitive.

I work primarily with adolescents, adults, and couples, and I offer group sessions.
A significant proportion of my private practices is devoted to clientele seeking specific information, counselling and skills development related to eye contact.

I am an Associate with the Centre Professionnel du Plateau Montreal (CPPM)
1247 Boul St Joseph, H2J 1L7, 514- 848-1724

Please contact me for more information about my private practice,
for appointments in person or using Skype, and public seminars.