Vision Clinics are unique seminars that illuminate the relationships between our eyes and our psychological and physical health.

Depending on the needs, interests and backgrounds of the participants, I craft custom clinics that are active, interactive, and accessible.

Vision Clinics go well beyond common knowledge about vision, involving unique syntheses of data, discussion and demonstration.

I offer clinics individually and in series over several sessions. Vision Clinic topics include:

1.     Visual Anatomy = How we look: the bits and pieces
2.     Visual Perception/ Cognition = Seeing: making meaning of what we look at
3.     Visual Development/ Attachment = Eyes across the lifespan: infant to elder
4.     Visual Relations/  Connections = It’s all about eye contact
5.     Visual Communications: Speaking with your eyes; language and mis-talking
6.     Social Eyes = Gender, Culture and visual dialects
7.     Vision and Emotion/ Motivation/ Pleasures: Eye Candy
8.     Eyes and Psychopathology/ Abnormal Psychology
9.     Eyes and Therapy/ Eyes and Health
10.   Visual Intelligence: Creative Eyes/ Sports Vision/ Eyes in Business
11.   Vision Improvement: Social-Emotional/ Cognitive-Behavioural/ Physical